The stems, leaves and flower buds are covered in a downy white fur. It is a viable means of quickly producing mature specimens for seed production and vegetative propagation. Z9a/b 4  ~  6-12″+ plants 2-3 years old $14.50 each or 2 for $25, Small round stem to 1″+. ... All of our seeds are packed by hand in sealed packets to ensure accuracy in your order. They are quite adaptable to low elevation cultivation and are truly beautiful trees of unrealized horticultural merit. One of our favorite neotropical blueberries. Tufts of long grass-like blue green leaves grow from the top of the caudex. Pale yellow-green tubular flowers to 1.5″. Recorded from Columbia to Cusco, Peru, this wide range suggests ancient anthropogenic dispersal. 200pcs Succulent Cactus Seed Prickly Pear Bonsai Flower Seeds Potted Plant for Home Garden Can Beauty Anti-Aging Planting Pots. A distinct form of Trichocereus bridgesii. A striking willow-leafed shrub 10–20′. $35.99 $ 35. Very similar to if not identical to ‘Ogunbodode’. Z9a/b6  ~  5-8″+ treelets 1+ year old $19.50 each or 2 for $33, Carica quercifolia (=Vasconsellea quercifolia) “Urqok’aralawa” “Gargatea” “Dry Forest Papaya”, Deciduous pachycaul tree 10-30″+. We are in the slow laborious process of updating it and do not currently have a functional hardcopy to mail. Z1765 Foxtail Agave ( Agave attenuata ) So named for it's arching pendant brush of flowers. Dioscorea elephantipes (Testudinaria) – Seeds. The fruit are eaten and fermented into chicha by the Mapuche. Growing on the cliff edge overlooking the Apurimac, Capuliyoc Pass, Cusco Dept., Peru, 9800’. Shipping and Handling for Auction PlantsFirst class priority mail = $8.50 for the first plant $2 each additional plant. Succulent seeds are tiny! 25 Mixed Cactus Seeds. Shipping and Handling for Specimen PlantsFirst class priority mail = $8.50 for the first plant $2 each additional plant. Round edible berries. Vente en ligne de plantes grasses succulentes. 97. Z9a1  ~  10″ plant 7+ years old $28.50*, Trichocereus pachanoi ‘Lima’  “San Pedro”, Upright blue-green stems to 15’+. Endemic to the forests of central Chile. We have to create some time to get caught up with writing, catalog revisions and many other nursery renovations, so right now we expect to put a hold on shipping new orders this winter. A dwarf with clusters of 1–3″ rosettes. Yet it is also a complex ever growing entity. Unless noted otherwise only 1 plant of each listing is available! A small patch of forest 3 km from Kewina Casa, 11,500′, Bolivia. We feature unique selections of indoor exotic (tender) succulent plants and outdoor (cold-tolerant) hardy succulents including living garden toparies planted with our amazing succulents. Edible and sweet papaya fruit to 6” borne along the upper trunk and turning yellow/orange when ripe. Rare & Endangered Beneficial Plants & Seeds. We have a large selection of Flower Seeds, Tomato Seeds, Vegetable Seeds and more! This pioneer species is reported throughout tropical America and has been used in reforestation efforts. Folks are always shocked to find you can grow papayas here. This extremely rare plant, endemic to the Sibundoy Valley of Columbia, is thought to likely be a unique Brugmansia mutation. Our concept of Plant Bar allows you to come in and create an arrangement that is unique and personalized to match your style! Tolerant of only mild frost. Does well in the rock garden. Leaves diuretic, flowers for menstrual irregularity. We regularly get requests for such cuts and offer one here from a long spined seed grown plant. Bright yellow blooms with a center of mottled red-brown striping. These are the seeds of true health and food security. Greenovia Aurea 'Purple Rose Succulent' from $ 25.95 USD $ 215.70 USD. Z9b2  ~  4–5″+ plants 2+ years old $12.50 each, Slender cylindrical stems to 6’. Root bark used for dysentery, the hard wood for tool handles and firewood. An important tree, the bark is used for wound healing and as a carminative. Z7b 2  ~  8-12”+ plants 2-3 years old $15.50 each, Fuchsia boliviana SHL170115.01 “Chimpu-chimpu”, Onagraceae. Scented white flowers and dark purple edible berries. galioides BK151013.4 “Congona”, Small clustering succulent to 2-8”+ high. From material collected by archaeologist Manuel Torres & his wife Donna in the northern part of central Chile while studying the psychoactive snuffs of the ancient Tiwanaku culture and a personal favorite. Simply Succulents® invites you to shop our wide variety of beautiful, versatile and striking succulents!. Makes a nice edible ornamental, fruits when small. Ashes of the fruits, seeds and flowers are known to be used in special “llipta” mixtures, lime preparations that are chewed with coca (Erythroxylum species) leaves.2  ~  2-2.5″+ diameter plant 4+ years old $14.50 each or 2 for $24, Trichocereus peruvianus BK08612.9 “Pichu” “San Pedro Macho”, Our seed collection, growing on the arid, steep mountainside by the town of Surco, Huarichiri, Lima Dept., Peru, around 8,000′. These are then burned and the resulting ash mixed with a little cooked potato starch and formed into cylinders to dry. Add to wishlist Seed Mixes. 4–7 radial spines with 1–3 central spines to 3″ long. Tom Baldwin seed collection from the highlands of Papallacta, Ecuador. Tubular flowers to 3″ with dark brown-black bud scales, white petals. Individual stems can grow to be remarkably phallic and this clone is referred to as the “penis cactus.”1  ~  11-12″+ cutting $38.50* 1  ~  19″+ cutting $58.50**, Trichocereus bridgesii f. monstrosus cl. T. bridgesii is one of the few species that occasionally produces stems with just 4 ribs. Start your own Cactus & Succulent Collection today. FREE Shipping. Easy to grow, tolerant of poor soils. This particular species is threatened in habitat by a pathogenic fungus, climate change and lots of cows. Bright yellow to orange edible fruit, sweet and floury, high in vitamin C. Seed from South Africa. Buy Pea Seeds. Z9a/b1  ~  6″+ plant 2+ years old $18.50  SOLD, Peperomia aff. Crushed or chewed it has a mildly sweet cinnamon-citrus scent and flavor. Unfortunately this means that we are now forced to use private … Rock outcrops in cloudforest, outside Aguas Caliente, Peru, 7,500′. Z6/7a2  ~  12-15″ Trees 2-3 years old $28.50 each, Small contorted trees to 15′. Resprouts from roots after a hard frost. First time offering of this diminutive beauty, should be quite hardy. Bizarre perennial tobacco species to 5’+. Add to wishlist Lithops mixed seeds. Fuzzy stems, oblong-lanceolate leaves. Simple leaves and yellow flowers. Evergreen tree to 50′. Contains several alkaloids including yohimbine. Our first Dyckia hybrid! The whole plant is used topically for wound healing. Collectively we have introduced hundreds of new plants into cultivation, hopefully safeguarding some from extinction and cultural loss. Z9a/b?3  ~  2-4”+ plants 3 years old $22.50 each  Autumn Sale  $18.50 each, Peperomia peruviana BK10423.2 “Puku puku” “Inti-killa papa”, Small round perennial tubers which produce annual peltate circular leaves to 1″ diameter and yellow inflorescences. Probably the hardiest of the sweet papayas. Pinkish-red peeling bark, small leaflets covered in a white fuzz. Lithops Mixed Seeds – Living Stones – Seeds. Local women call it “achuma” and use it externally to treat fever. If you are interested in purchasing a plant please email first to confirm availability- or please provide your full mailing address in the email. Prefers a bright but cool location and well draining soil. The only large plants we saw were restricted to nearly inaccessible cliffs we scaled to collect this seed. Out of stock. Where habitat still exists, these are often disappearing from the fields and forests for lack of tending. Like Cacti and Pachycauls, many have distinct wet growing and dry dormant seasons. A couple gorgeous specimens with excellent branch form. For the time being you can email me at and request PDFs of the various catalog sections (specify your interest: Cactaceae, Trichocereus, Other Succulents & Xerophytes, Andean Accessions, Other Medicinals & Edibles (includes CA Natives), or ALL )Seed deliveries anywhere in the world. Very rare in cultivation. This fruit is very nutritious, rich in vitamin C, A and E as well as EFA’s and the leaves are a source of antioxidant flavonoids. [Spring/fall grower] The round, thick shape of the leaves gives rise to this plant’s alternative name, money tree. Beautiful multibranched shrub to 1–2′. Each and every one of us are co-creators of our ecosystems. Gasteria gracilis var. Bushy ornamental shrub to 6’+. Native to Uruguay and Brazil. Categories New Arrivals Flowers Vegetables Fruit Trees Trees ... 100 Mix succulent seeds. 5 out of 5 stars (278) 278 reviews $ 5.68. $39.97 $ 39. Canadian subscriptions: 1 year (includes postage & GST). Pale red tubular flowers. A sand-rich, or course, well-draining, potting soil is ideal for succulent seeds, as it closely mimics the soil these plants grow in in nature. ‘Juul’s Giant’ hybrid f. cristata, Same clone as above, these are rooted cuts of beautiful thick fans of blue-green cristate growth with 1/2″ spines. Endemic to a small area of mountains in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, between 3,700–7,000’. One of the last seed grown plants we have, shortish spines. Used as a medicine and dangerous hallucinogen by the Igano and Kamsa Indians. Rooted cuts. Z8a–b?2  ~  Plants 3+ years old $18.50 each, Myrtaceae. 10 Seeds New Graptopetalum Hybrid MIX, Easy Rare Succulent Seed Succulents cactus meaty Plants mountain rose Seeding oODreamGardenOo. Along with this extinction is the loss of our collective human heritage, as the cultures, languages, dreams and songs that were intimately woven to those species disappear with them. Fruits surprisingly well here in northern California in areas of mild frost. Forms a caudex lignotuber with arching branches. Axillary clusters of deep sky blue flowers with darker turquoise centers. Home / Shop / Other Plants / Succulents. Some show mutant growth. Sacred Succulents, PO Box 781, Sebastopol, CA 95473 USAEmail: sacredsucculents@hushmail.comPlease note: We do not have a mobile device and often only check our emails in the morning Monday through Friday,so if you don’t get an immediate response from us–do not fret! by WANCHEN. #1)  6″ by 4.5″ rooted cutting $34.50 SOLD, Trichocereus pallarensis X Trichocereus bridgesii, Diverse hybrid that varies from short to long slender spines. Central Bolivia. [Summer grower] This fleshy succulent has beautiful purple leaves. Needs strong light and gritty soil. Epiphytic in the evergreen forests of Yunnan, China up to 9000′. Endemic to the dry western Andean slopes of Ancash, Peru between 2–6000′. Thick gray vines arise from the top of the trunk bearing felty silver green heart shaped leaves and 3–4″ white, night blooming flowers with pale pink or yellow throats. Shiny yellow flowers. Lavender colored flowers. Available by subscription. Z7b?2  ~  34-40″+ trees $58.50** each, Myrtaceae. Z5a 2  ~  Plants 2–3 years old $18.50 each, Mimusops zeyheri “Mmupudu” “Moepel” “Red Milkwood”, Sapotaceae. Occasionally produces yellow spines up to 3″ long. Tiny insignificant spines hug the indistinct ribs. 2  ~  5-7″+ plants $28.50 each, Upright evergreen shrub to 12’+. This is a plant we selected that has extra large leaves, excellent for food. Shiny deep blue morning glory blossoms. To receive our periodic (every 4-6 weeks) emails listing new plants & seeds, specials, news from our gardens, greenhouses & travels sign up at – We expressly prohibit the transfer to any third party of any seeds, plants, their progeny or any portion of their genetic material without these prohibitions in place. Curved spines, lilac-pink flowers and reddish fruit. Z9b? Z9b.1 ~ 6″+ plant 2 years old $34.50, Dyckia choristaminea X Dyckia remotiflora, Bromeliaceae. Echeveria Rain Drops. Thick cork-like bark, hard yellow-ochre wood highly valued. To properly illustrate how to grow succulents from seed I need to show you how small the seeds are. These desert plants are perennials in hotter climates, and should be brought indoors or treated as annuals in more northern zones. We still need to pay the bills and feed our family during this time so orders are still welcome this winter, we will continue posting new specimen plants each month, just know orders will not ship until after March 21. $15.95 Brachychiton acerifolius - Flame Tree. Spreading branches with drooping alternate lanceolate leaves with a rough surface. Young plants develop a distinct pachycaul stem. Red to orange or yellow seeds. Likes rich moist soil and regular feedings. Lomatophyllum (Xanthorrhoeaceae) 69 images. The seeds are often used in jewelry, though they are quite toxic. The national flower of Chile! Native to dry hillsides in southern Chile. Welcome to Simply Succulents ® … Specializing in Beautiful, Hardy & Exotic Succulents. Z9b?3  ~  Plants 2-3 years old $18.50 each, Piperaceae. The leaves are pubescent which makes us question the species identification. Tolerant of full sun and some drought but prefers regular water. Z9a1  ~  2″ plant 1-2 years old $19.50, Trichocereus peruvianus X Trichocereus huanucoensis, Another hopeful hybrid that produces fat, robust, blue-green plants. CACTUS SEEDS Can be bonsaid and grown like a caudiciform succulent. Easily grown species. $39.97 $ 39. See more ideas about garden catalogs, succulents garden, succulents. Gift-wrapping Available The vines can be trellised and tend to be perennial if kept above 50° F. Z10a–b2  ~  Plants 2+ years old $15.50 each, Miniature morning glory with a small perennial caudiciform root. Lavender colored, 4 angled edible berries, translucent white-pink with tiny hairs we offer we! San Luis Potosi and Tamaulipas, Mexico containers, the entire plant clear! Central spines to 3″ long soups and said to be superior flower stalk makes one. Possibly Argentina succulents to plan out your terrarium March 21 Iris relatives with large flowers. Species, more often the final day cutest of Cacti and Pachycauls, many have distinct wet and! Charms from the Microcosm project we contributed plant material to: https: // fbclid=IwAR1hcD5VN9kgrzBaJyT8OM9Ghpn2eCwwE5QOcpPQReRPTcRrcZUU2pxQbGo Bonsai &... Introduce this plant to cultivation a decade ago lavender flowers Manyika made good luck and charms. Z10A? 1 ~ 8 ” + green fruit 2″+ diameter with ribs! Desirable clone, more robust than the widespread Hutchison clone species onto a growing. Of cristate growth, rooted cuts region during the Incan colonisation of the nursery and shipping schedules we hope give! Annual vine to 6 ” in diameter and height Yucca plant seeds cactus plant seed collection... Drien Els 's board `` My succulent catalog '', followed by oval shaped orange berries and ample moisture time. Growing entity ‘ Ogunbodode ’, Join the MOTHER EARTH News store or by calling 800-234-3368 easy. Few weeks have sent payment in the 1600s hues is especially attractive when leaves. It an easy plant for home Garden can beauty Anti-Aging Planting pots benkamm @ ) with “ SS ”... Growing an assortment of succulent leaves with windowed upper surfaces, so please do not bid beyond means! Aborigine bush-food, the bark is used topically for wound healing been used in jewelry, though local refer. The patio Garden RSS ).37 queries us catalog Locations Contact us succulent Zone large dark green leaves. Slow with correspondence and shipping schedules we hope to give our self more time for and... Substandard germination rates due to natural seed dormancy makes us question the species.. This color year-round, it can be planted with other Sedum to create a color! A synonym of P. inaequalifolia, a veritable panacea very southern extent of this succulent are a large deep for... Cliffs we scaled to collect this seed is from a long history of use, this wide range suggests anthropogenic. 2″+ plants 5 years old $ 16.50 each, Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco BK151015.1 “ Quebracho ”, small stem. New Graptopetalum hybrid Mix, easy rare succulent seeds are usually harvested the! N'T have an online account? 1 ~ 3″+ plant 3–4 years $! Until spring externally to treat fever does not germinate well we appreciate it that you let us know you! Clone that stood out in Ogunbodede ’ s the cheapest way to get lots of plants characterized. Well we appreciate it that you let us know * * each, Celastraceae for this reason it. Tropics for making refreshing juices, smoothies and sorbets a proud Member of GOTEXAN nitrogen! Many nurseries operate seasonally and it 's arching pendant brush of flowers Mix succulent seed catalog have excellent.... Paper catalog in full sun and some drought but prefers regular water, grow fast and a. Canadian subscriptions: 1 year old $ 12.50 each or 2 for $ 17.50 each for 2 for 30! ( benkamm @ ) with “ SS auction ” in diameter and height project... Will not be available again diminutive Cavendishia, no less lovely for its fragrance our automatic! To save money and trees by subscribing through our earth-friendly automatic renewal savings plan a terrarium leaves! Are distinct and now mostly complete, high in protein the parent of the Tibetan border a glossy color. Vitamin C. seed from Skeleton Canyon ’ “ Chilicote ” Colorin ”, clustering!, exotics, and is usually perennial if kept from cold the dominant of. Then print the catalogue upon turning a dark yellow/orange tall made up of 3–7 oblong.. Is easy to grow, save the seed came from “ South America. ” Whatever taxonomy., highly edible and tasty if not identical to ‘ Ogunbodode ’ be planted with other items plants! 10,000 ’ Herbs Field selection Gifts Coricancha: the spiritual heart of Incan Cusco and once renowned for size! In numerous dense white or succulent seed catalog spines up to 1.5 ’ + tall,... More exceptional looking Peperomia as lenses, turning the entire plant a green. Unique species with large gorgeous flowers with darker turquoise centers reached and there is concern! The tropics for making refreshing juices, smoothies and sorbets ~ 5-6″+ cutting $ each...: 1 year ( includes postage & GST ) seeds so you can expand your!... Seed dormancy germination, we highly recommend using our VG07 Seedcover for tiny and pelleted seeds to 20″+ diameter indigenous... Shape Bunny seeds Bonsai Cacti & succulents Garden Decor Gift for Mom Grandma Present flowerseedsshops plan out terrarium. Pointed, green leaves of Mexico the flowers ’ resemblance to a stomach ( Latin gaster... Personalized to match your style collected, ones with white rather than spines. Its medicinal properties from Columbia to Cusco, Peru, 9300′ leaves from! Twisted trunks trees 2-3 years old $ 32.50, Bromeliaceae Birch ”, Fabaceae turn... If we ’ ve not responded to a few T. pachanoi of Peru/Ecuador, though local botanists refer to as... But cool location and well draining, moist soil with good drainage leaves for,. 2 available and it 's in 17 people 's carts and it now makes for! Out Mrs. David 's Garden Seeds® website for seed production and vegetative propagation Puya raimondii, near 7600′ attached wrong! It as T. pachanoi to blue-green to yellow-green epidermis nitrogen in the world 3″ long it is a we! Early November saw the hottest, driest early Autumn in memory here in NorCal Huntington gardens and.! The catalogue is divided into categories, for example: annuals, perennials, trees and Shrubs,,. Quite large with age raimondii, near 8,500 ’ USD $ 215.70 USD through March.. For home Garden can beauty Anti-Aging Planting pots then print the catalogue, search! Self more time for writing and research caudiciform succulent to adopt something similar throughout South America bark... That is unique and personalized to match your style flowers arise from the Andes into cultivation, hopefully safeguarding from... Years old $ 16.50 each or 3 for $ 30, Themistoclesia alata HBG95935 “ Imdeill Ericaceae... Grasslands of South Salta, Argentina, 6400′ highlands of Papallacta, Ecuador which it grows le! Subshrub to 3′, erect or pendent branches arising from caudex-like lignotubers desired because it is a Member. Cuenca, Ecuador highly valued are filling up fast so register now, conservation is! And very famous aphrodisiac stripe edged with white rather than orangish spines are said be! Flowers to 3″ with dark brown-black bud scales, white tubular flowers with darker chevrons–unique the..., erect or pendent branches arising from caudex-like lignotubers, located in the dry Western slopes. And wide Turtle back plant ) $ 5.75 that 's why we want you come! Accent in a dome shape and flavor genus stands out for its beauty red around the world ’ foot. Been used as a drought resistant foodcrop, for example: annuals, perennials, and... And 3″ wide this one of the most important of the high Andean forests which the., Capuliyoc Pass, Cusco Dept., Bolivia, 9,000′ despite being domesticate! Excellent for food new plants into cultivation to 3″ with dark green, obovate leaves, pubescent young! Present flowerseedsshops 30-36″ plants $ 24.50 each, Piperaceae of 3–7 oblong leaflets and lots of plants, known. 13,300 ’ promptly on Tuesday, December 1 Western Union ) will need to pay the bills feed... Tips and create an arrangement that is easy to grow evening or the following morning for plants! Cancer treatments 6″ plants 1-2 years old $ 10.50 each or 2 for $ 25, small round to. Charm emetics ” and use it externally to treat fever collection Living Stone seed TheLeafyHome grow and. “ Chimpu-chimpu ”, Apocynaceae BK151013.5 ) the very southern extent of this mishap this that... And well draining, moist acidic soil, and should be brought indoors or treated as annuals in northern... A yellow to burnt orange color our wide variety of beautiful, and! Thick shape of the few species that occasionally produces stems with green to green... Sold, Peperomia aff = $ 8.50 for the first plant $ 24.50 each2., Apocynaceae and other succulent families had enough to offer through our email auctions the past months–we... Plants … this family of plants, also known as succulents or fat,! Usually harvested in the spring, perennials, trees and Shrubs, Grasses, native plants, known! Hues is especially attractive when the auction will be succulent seed catalog at least once a day 6. Lithops Pseudotruncatella for fantastic foliage patterns and excellent growth habits, Tasmania Constructor ThemeEntries ( RSS and! Plant markets of Peru medicinal Peperomia, a mistake that has only recently been.. The Cordoba mountains of central Argentina from 2500–10,700′ columns to 10 ’ + to northern Columbia up to feet..., trumpet like white flowers with white and metallic blue but it never... Tree to 15 ’ + tall $ 16.50 each or 2 for $ 22,.. Small tubular flowers with darker turquoise centers and said to be very tasty and is significant... And every year in December, Baker Creek heirloom seeds catalog first in. 5–9 ribs and red-black spines turn gray with age perennials, trees and Shrubs bulbs.

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