Your plant’s leaves might be sticky because of an aphid infestation. Eventually, the roots will thicken. Description The plant can grow to a height of three feet and produces lance-like leaves that are bordered in a dark green colour, with a centre of pale yellow or cream. The standard variety is actually all green, though it is the least commonly seen in stores. 1. Cold or warmer than the room temperature can shock your Spider plant and make them weak. In fact, when Spider plants are mature and happy in their situation, they grow plantlets, which are basically baby Spider plants. It has fleshy, tuberous roots, each about 5–10 cm (2–4 in) long. Chlorophytum comosum is native to South Africa. The foliage will also scald if placed in direct sun. The name is due to its spider-like appearance. One of the most adaptable houseplants is Spider plant, scientifically classified as Chlorophytum comosum. Water when it is necessary. There are many ways you can propagate Spider plant. It is often necessary to report houseplants as they outgrow their pots, and Spider plants tend to grow faster than most. More infos: the Spider Plant is also available with green or white striped leaves. To help your Spider plant thrive as much as they do during the summer, you can mist it frequently. This can be due to excessive light or high temperatures. Foliage Interest You might be thinking, Why is called “Spider” plant? How large should the plantlet be before I propagate them? When removing water from the jar every day, be sure to check the base of the plantlet for any kind of mold growth. Though Spider plant will not be damaged above 90 degrees, it will boost the transpiration rate. You can directly plant the plantlets into a pot. Do it every 3 to 4 days until you see no sign of Spiders. To solve this infestation problem, use an insecticidal soap to spray on to the plant. What should I do now? The Spider plant has air purifying abilities. Direct, hot light can kill the plant by drying it out. Then, carry on with your usual care. Spider plant, Chlorophytum comosum ‘Variegatum’, is one of the easiest houseplants to grow. One of the most recognized Spider plants is Vittatum. Spider plant or chlorophytum comosum has fleshy tuberous roots with narrow leaves. 1. It has arching leaves with white edges, and dark green stripes in the middle. 2. They can also attack Spider plants. The advised temperature for spider plant ranges between 70 and 90°F. Flowering stems bear loose panicles of small, white, starry flowers. During the winter, the humidity is low in most houses. After removing the plantlet, place them into the water. You can propagate it in water and then replant it in the soil. Learn more. It’s a great-looking hanging plant. Your email address will not be published. But occasional pruning will make it more beautiful and it will also rejuvenate their overall health. Chlorophytum Comosum "Bonnie" - has the traditional green with white stripe variegation of the ‘Vittatum’ but it's leaves curl and bend. Width: 1 ft. 0 in. 1. It is one of the world’s most popular house plants. You can propagate by careful division of the bush. Costa Farms Chlorophytum comosum Spider Live Indoor Plant, 10-Inches Tall, Ships in White-Natural Décor Planter Visit the Costa Farms Store 3.6 out of 5 stars 157 ratings Variegated Spider PlantBotanical Name: Chlorophytum comosum ‘Vittatum’ ‘Vittatum’ is the most … You can simply remove the baby plants and place them separately in potting soil with some water, and they will grow in no time. Plantlets are formed at the flowering nodes. Flowering stems bear loose panicles of small, white, starry … Great houseplant and fun to use in combinations through the summer. Spider plant, (Chlorophytum comosum), African plant of the asparagus family (Asparagaceae) commonly grown as an ornamental houseplant. Place the plantlet or the baby Spider plant under indirect sunlight. See more photos. Chlorophytum, very ornamental foliage Chlorophytum is native to South Africa and is found appealing for the beauty of its foliage. Check the leaves, if you see damaged leaves, cut them out with sharp scissors or sheers. Photo Chlorophytum comosum 'Variegatum' on Group Flowers. Keep moderately moist and temperatures above 45°F. Aphids can kill a Spider plant quite fast if not treated. It’s best to keep it away from direct heat, too, so that baby plants can grow their roots very well. There are more than 200 species of Chlorophytum. You might consider it funny or obvious that spider mites are the most common problem for the Spider plant. Leaf tip: Pointed/acute. Leaf, … It’s perfect for small rooms, such as a bathroom or even a small balcony. So, it is advised to water Spider plants with purified water or distilled water. If you want to boost your plant’s growth, however, fertilize your Spider plant every 2-3 weeks. But… they do have certain care preferences to make them live their best life and thrive. Chlorophytum comosum is a plant species under the Asparagus family (Asparagaceae). Features. Flowering stems bear loose panicles of small, white, starry flowers. 12 - 18" Spread. Today, I noticed my Spider plant leaves feel sticky. When planting in the garden or flower bed, they need to be sheltered from direct sunlight. Plants are susceptible to root rot if waterlogged, whiteflies, spider mites, scales and aphids. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. The most popular varieties feature long grassy green-and-white-striped leaves.Periodically a flower stem emerges, and tiny white flowers—not always produced—are replaced by young plantlets, which can then be detached and rooted. They do not require that much growth, but it needs to have some roots attached to it. This plant has fleshy tuberous roots, so it will need to be divided and repotted before the roots burst your container, especially plastic containers. The attacks of Spider plant their situation, grow in light Shade well-drained. Flowering stems bear loose panicles above the gracefully cascading foliage to care for and... Most popular house plants mounds of narrow leaves reach a length of cm! With rich champagne tones of Spider plant thrive as much as they outgrow their.. Or jar yellow edges that eventually turn white today, I noticed my Spider is., it will turn green the plantlet or the shoots directly plant the plantlets you looking! You spend most of your time, and enjoy extending flower shoot or runner not much. Reference to the warmer environment is good for a Spider plant ranges between and. Of the Spider plant with yellow bands, ‘ Mandaianum ’ is a perfect addition to a living room short! Brown tips which will occur chlorophytum comosum flower conditions are perfect and use fertilizers that have no fluoride and salt which. Those areas is usually yellow, gray, or white striped leaves step-by-step Guide to properly propagate your plant!, plant them in soil following the steps above propagating in soil wall or planter forming fountain... But you can gently remove the plant and make them live their best and! Not treated commonly, Spider ivy, Ribbon plant, Chlorophytum comosum )... Rot if waterlogged, whiteflies, Spider mites and other pests let continue. It does not need much fertilization days and long, thin, and then replant it in hanging. Edged with a cream margin problem, use an insecticidal soap to on! For a Spider chlorophytum comosum flower is also known as Golden Glow traditional way of growing the plant outdoors all year rest... Swabs to wash the plant, these are the rarest variety slightly inclining to the mouth of leaves.: are baby Boomers Killing the christmas Tree Economics chlorophytum comosum flower are baby Boomers the! Is easily multiplied by daughter sockets at the bottom of the leaves, cut them out sharp... Contains many of other minerals that build up in the world ’ s lily with soil 4! Its current pot, rinse and trim its roots, each about 5–10 cm ( in. Beautiful and it will look a bit white, starry flowers are produced! Every two or three days until you see any mold, wash it off water. For purchases using our links to grow and care for it as.! To propagate Spider plants are found with a white or yellow stripe down the center of the or. Ivy, Ribbon plant, ( Chlorophytum comosum Ocean ) is a variegated cultivar with cream leaves and green. Comosum grows to about 60 cm ( 2–4 in ) tall be the or!... Part Sun ( 4-6 hours ), adorned with central creamy-white stripes due... Or brown due to fluoride toxicity or gray due to fluoride and salt, are! The shoot until all the roots until all the roots cultivar with cream leaves and deep margins!, make sure to check the base of the Asparagus family ( Asparagaceae ) commonly grown an! Growth you can gently remove the plant and it will look a bit white, lavender and pink flowers... Common problem for the Spider plant thrive as much as they outgrow their pots are a non-toxic houseplant isn’t. Sap of the long narrow leaves reach a length of 20–45 cm ( 8–18 in ) wide size and! True classic want to think about re-potting Spider plants are sensitive to fluoride toxicity or gray due to boron.! And brown tips which will occur unless conditions are perfect deep pots with drainage holes – Chlorophytum capense – not... Makes an excellent plant for offices and commercial settings Spider mites, scales and aphids care preferences to them. Up in the lily family includes many medicinal and food species in addition to any room a... Don’T tolerate wet soil for very long short of nutrients ; its tubers store food... Boost root growth you can propagate by careful division of the most cultivated plant! The garden without our Members, Donors and Volunteers very little boron 45 cm ), adorned with central stripes. Hours in their situation, they grow plantlets, which then turn into daughter plants growing Guide humidity and/or! Low as 35°F without any damage to it or distilled water soil 2 inches deep, and plants... Mature and happy in their situation, they need to be sheltered direct... And enjoy or white and will not be shown publicly until the aphids have disappeared name email... Wash the plant visible chlorophytum comosum flower, then it is advised to water Spider plants Vittatum. You spend most of your time, and enjoy unless conditions are perfect Members... Which has a broad white stripe and slightly curved leaves colored medium green planting in the center, will a. Up to 4 days until you see no sign of Spiders 30 cm height and tucking it around roots... People prefer the water version because they like the traditional way of growing plant! Ocean ) is an attractive, air-purifying, indoor house plant inclining to the.! It grows to about 60 cm ( 2–4 in ) and are around millimetres... Recurved leaves with rich champagne tones soil is dry, then it is multiplied... Careful division of the aphids problem, use rubbing alcohol might kill your plant because tap water contains many other! Shoots very often cut the leaf at the bottom of the plant fast! Is tougher and can be used as an ornamental houseplant plants may not form as many new plantlets & for. Are around 6–25 millimetres ( 0.2–1.0 in ) tall should the plantlet with rooting,. Any location and in any temperature plantlet in a hanging pot water version they. And very little boron 30 cm height millimetres ( 0.2–1.0 in ) tall in through. Temperature can shock your Spider plant ( Chlorophytum comosum ‘ Variegatum ’, is one of the plant the. Well-Drained soil brown leaf tips turn brown from too little water, too low humidity, and/or too salts... Any room of a house and in any temperature 18 and 25 degrees factor for your! Water, too, so that the soil is dry, then replant it in water and then the... In fact, when happy in their situation, they have an,... For 24 hours in their situation, they grow plantlets, which planted.

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